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Situated in Kielce (Poland) and derived from the company originally founded in 2009 with vast experience in the field of wiretapping detection, detective and advisory services, is an independent firm providing exceptional range of services to companies and private clients.

We provide TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures), security audits, private investigations and consulting services. Protection of people and property can also be provided when needed.
Experienced staff coming mainly from the army and police provide services at the highest possible level.
Thanks to many worldwide contacts, we can handle cases not only in Poland, but also in other countries.


TSCM is in the following range:
• Radio signals, eg GSM, CDMA, Bluetooth, LTE, Wi-Fi;
• Identification of base station signals and mobile communication devices;
• Detection and location of active wired listening devices;
• Detection of cable microphones (electrical and low-voltage installations, eg telephone);
• Detection and location of listening devices that transmit infrared information.

We also detect and locate passive devices, e.g. voice recorders.

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A holistic security audit is nothing more than checking the company’s information security.
During the audit we examine:
• physical security – as a basis for further checks;
• technical safety – condition and efficiency of alarm systems and other security measures;
• cybersecurity – checking the security level of IT devices in the company, checking computers for malware / spyware;
• information leakage – checking for wiretaps and measuring / detecting leaks of acoustic or ultrasonic mechanical vibrations;
• review and evaluation of existing procedures / instructions.

After the audit, a report is prepared with the results, conclusions and recommendations. After the indicated period, we perform a re-audit to confirm the correctness of the implemented solutions.

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Private investigations

We offer private investigations, in particular directed to business entities.
Private investigations are activities consisting in obtaining, processing and transferring information about persons, objects and events, sucha as:
suspicion of treason, checking the person’s background, verification of the CV, checking the employee, DNA testing, etc.;
• business relations: performance of property obligations, unlawful use of trade names or trademarks, unfair competition or disclosure of information constituting a business secret or trade secret;
• checking the credibility of information on claims reported to insurance companies;
• searching for missing or hiding people;
• searching for property and people (skip tracing);
• cases in which criminal proceedings are pending.

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Remember – about 65% of a company’s value are: information assets, intellectual property and competitive advantage.
By allowing unauthorized entities to access your resources, you are putting your property and advantage at risk.